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F.A.Q's - Hoathwaite

Here are some of the questions we most frequently get asked about the Hoathwaite site, and the answers to them. If you have any other questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Is the Tipi Waterproof?

- Yes. The canvas is waterproof they also have a rain catcher attached to the poles at the top of the Tipi if it should rain the rain flows down the poles then collects in the rain catcher and is drained off at the back of the lining. However, even in Summer night times can be cool and you should always bring a good sleeping bag and warm clothing.
Hoathwaite Campsite in the Lake District

Does rain come in the Tipi?

- A structure that requires a hole in the middle of the roof may not be the best shelter in times of intense rain, but there are strategies to reduce the problem. A hide or fabric ceiling can protect against dripping precipitation and reduce drafts. This ceiling, when used, typically only covers the back half of the Tipi and is slanted slightly upwards to the front, draining water to the rear and allowing smoke from the fire to vent out of the top of the Tipi. Small sticks between the lining rope and the poles can create a gap for rainwater running down the poles to reach the ground without being caught by and dripping off of the lining rope. Contemporary tipi dwellers may tie a bucket beneath the crown, or install rubber barriers on the poles and a canvas rain catcher which drains from the crown to the outside, to collect rain dripping off the crown of the poles. A fabric or hide rain cap has been placed over the top of the Tipi if the poles to help prevent rain water running down the poles.

Is it cold in the Tipi?

- - The structure of the Tipi and lining means that Tipis are comfy and warm in winter and offer a cool shelter in the summer. Providing the perfect Lake District camping experience. However even in Summer night times can be cool and you should always bring a good sleeping bag.

Is it suitable for pets?

Sorry but we don't accept dogs or any pets in our Tipis, however you can now kennel your dog at the farm onsite, where you can take your dogout for the day then take it back to the kennels on your return. For kenneling information ring Karola 07827 330905.

What about toilets and showers?

(See: Locations page)

What about disability access?

(See: Locations page)

Where are the nearest facilities: shop, petrol, cash point, etc?

(See: Locations page)

What do we need to bring?

The tipis at Hoathwaite are fully equipped you just need to bring your sleeping bags/duvets and towels etc.

What’s the weather like?

- The Lake District has some glorious weather. But it also rains and it can change between the two very quickly. It is sensible to bring clothing for all weather conditions whatever time of year you book your holiday. There is still plenty to do in the Lake District even if it rains (See: Locations page) so you can still enjoy a fun packed or peaceful holiday whatever Grandmother nature chooses to bless you with. For up-to-date weather forecasts see Use our live weather stickers below for information on the current conditions of our location.
Click for Shap, United Kingdom Forecast   Click for Shap, United Kingdom Forecast 

What is there to do?

- - The Lake District offers a huge variety of activities suitable for all age groups. Whether you are searching for inner karma, fun days out for little kids or big kids, culture or shop-til-you drop experiences you can find it all in the majestic Lake District. (see: Things To Do page, Locations page and Links page).

Is there a fire in the Tipi?

- Yes, we provide a wood burning stove, lighting instructions, fire lighters, kindling, logs a poke, safety gloves, a fire extinguisher and a carbon monoxide detector.

What are 4 Winds Lakeland Tipis doing to help the environment?

We use our natural spring water supply, we only use environmentally friendly cleaning products, we recycle paper, cans and bottles and have other plans in the pipeline for sustainability, for more information (see: Eco Policy page).

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